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Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution By Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott Blockchain Revolution

  • Title: Blockchain Revolution
  • Author: Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott
  • ISBN: 0399564063
  • Page: 494
  • Format:
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    Blockchain Revolution By Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott

    • µ Blockchain Revolution ✓ Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott
      494 Don Tapscott; Alex Tapscott
    Blockchain Revolution

    One thought on “Blockchain Revolution

    1. Cliente Amazon on said:

      Buen libro para comprender el sistema que hay detr s del bitcoin y sus implicaciones m s all de la econom a Conceptos y lenguaje a veces dif ciles de entender si es el primer libro que se lee de esta tem tica.

    2. Peter L on said:

      An interesting read, but for the most part a harried chronicling of people and trends mostly people in a hyper dynamic space A lot of Nobel laureate name dropping to which, to their credit, they admit Has the feel of someone trying to get a book out there to take advantage of the thirst for new insight Some good brain candy.Would have expected a better primer on how block chain actually works Given the audience this tome appears aimed at, a few paragraphs How this worldwide ledger works seems a [...]

    3. Dan on said:

      This is a great vision book for understanding what blockchain technologies shared immutable ledgers, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, etc can do for us as a society The authors cover reinventing business, governments, commerce, etc very well via blockchain enabled efforts The discussions are deep enough to be genuinely thought provoking.Be aware that the book does approach the problems from a very liberal perspective We re constantly reminded that lots of people are disenfranchised by governme [...]

    4. RJF in Illinois on said:

      OMG this book was a waste Tapscott used to be a great writer This was a meandering repetition of the promise of blockchain to solve everything from lobal pandemics to hangnails Don t look for an explanation of how blockchain actually works Don was to caught up in the miracles of the product to bother with such pedantic topics I made it about 2 3 of the way through and decided that I could find better things to do with my time.

    5. ScottHC on said:

      This is a highly informed and helpful report on Blockchain technology and speculation about its applications and ramifications There is a single chapter about the possible misuse and dangers The entire presentation would have been helpful and insightful had the cautions been presented side by side with the opportunities.

    6. chaim hersh stern on said:

      I thought that it will explain how Bitcoin works, but in fact it s merely the theory that the blockchain technology will change the whole world it s really nice

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