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Manga Mini Tarot

Manga Mini Tarot By Lo Scarabeo Manga Mini Tarot Revolving around the fantastic epic of the Orient this Manga inspired tarot is filled with adventure and romance and drama that mirrors our own lives Boxed deck includes miniature x in car

  • Title: Manga Mini Tarot
  • Author: Lo Scarabeo
  • ISBN: 0738714216
  • Page: 283
  • Format:
  • Manga Mini Tarot By Lo Scarabeo Revolving around the fantastic epic of the Orient, this Manga inspired tarot is filled with adventure and romance and drama that mirrors our own lives Boxed deck includes 78 miniature 1.7 x 3.1 in cards and instruction booklet The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
    Manga Mini Tarot By Lo Scarabeo

    • [PDF] Manga Mini Tarot | by ↠ Lo Scarabeo
      283 Lo Scarabeo
    Manga Mini Tarot

    One thought on “Manga Mini Tarot

    1. Kisare on said:

      El dise o de las cartas es muy bonito y ayuda a la interpretaci n Esta baraja tambi n mantengo en el tama o normal, pero esta peque a es muy til para espacios peque os o para llevar en el bolso La calidad es igual de buena que la normal, en tiendas esta baraja peque a est a unos 18 pero por el precio que tiene aqu esta pr cticamente regalada Anexo fotos de todos los arcanos y de la comparativa con su edici n normal A pesar de ser peque a se maneja muy bien Estoy muy contenta con ella.

    2. Amazon Customer on said:

      This is a lot smaller than I thought it would be It s a gift for someone, and I love that I can take my mini deck anywhere different brand so I got them one too This one is smaller than mine, which is perfect, because I think this one is easier to shove into your pocket.Totally happy with my purchase Pic taken with US bill for size reference

    3. A. DOnofrio on said:

      I love the art of this tarot deck decks are very personal items, though, and I know it may not be for everyone The genders of a lot of the Major Arcana are reversed, which might make reading difficult for tarot aficionados who are already familiar with the cards I used this as my study deck while self teaching myself a course, however, and as such I have begun to learn it from the inside out The art offers a lot cues to the subtle meanings and symbolism behind the cards, and is great for intui [...]

    4. Melissa Bryan on said:

      These cards are greatI like to use a mini deck when you don t have much room to do a reading and this deck is perfect I have many decks and this will be one that I will want to use all for each reading I have several desks from this company Lo Scarabeo and they never disappoint me with the quality of their cards.The art work on them is outstanding They came in mint condition with double wrapping I will use this vendor again It means a lot to me to get a great product at a good price and they del [...]

    5. ItStartsWithATee on said:

      I already own this deck and I wanted to have the mini deck so I could take it with me to work and on the train The cards are based on Japanese culture and have images for all the cards including minors The images are clear and the line drawings are well defined The print is small enough to be difficult for me to read in dim light Mini cards measure 1.75 x 3.25.The LWB is in 5 languages and is condensed The mini LWB does not define the seasonal runes that appear on the cards The only other differ [...]

    6. Rare Hunter on said:

      This was the first tarot deck that I bought to seriously begin readings I just bought another one because I retired my original deck It had that man uses The artwork is very beautiful and it is a great deck for beginners The minor arcana all have color themes so this helps one learn faster.

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