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Spanish-English Visual Dictionary

Spanish-English Visual Dictionary By Merriam-Webster Spanish English Visual Dictionary A visual dictionary that includes than words and concepts in Spanish and English and than highly detailed full color illustrations organized by subject in specialized fields from all as

  • Title: Spanish-English Visual Dictionary
  • Author: Merriam-Webster
  • ISBN: 0877792925
  • Page: 484
  • Format:
  • Spanish-English Visual Dictionary By Merriam-Webster A visual dictionary that includes than 22,500 words and concepts in Spanish and English and than 8,000 highly detailed, full color illustrations, organized by subject in specialized fields from all aspects of life Chapters and corresponding themes including a wide variety of fields astronomy, the earth, human beings, the animal kingdom, plants and gardening, house and do it yourself, arts and architecture, clothing, science and energy, sports and games, and much Original.
    Spanish-English Visual Dictionary By Merriam-Webster

    • Spanish-English Visual Dictionary Best Read || [Merriam-Webster]
      484 Merriam-Webster
    Spanish-English Visual Dictionary

    One thought on “Spanish-English Visual Dictionary

    1. Cliente Amazon on said:

      I am an English teacher and I was looking for an useful tool to make my students life simpler, and, since I am a regular Merriam Webster s Dictionary user, I decided to buy this edition of the Visual Dictionary I am extremely pleased with this book Well, what may I say, Merriam Webster rocks PS The delivery was done on time.

    2. Ricardo P. on said:

      Me parece un diccionario fant stico Estoy aprendiendo palabras que desconoc a en mi propio idioma Cada objeto se describe hasta el m s m nimo detalle Muy recomendable.

    3. Maple in Colorado on said:

      This affordable, enjoyable, and essential reference tool is an amazing addition to my Spanish learning tools There is a spot on review by a member named Shawn, so I will suggest you read that review dated September 9, 2013 I will add that the product description indicates this book is a paperback, but it is not It actually has a sturdy cover, although the cover is not nearly as thick as the typical hard bound book For me this is is very preferable, keeping the dictionary on the lighter side, yet [...]

    4. Dr. D123 on said:

      This is a very comprehensive visual dictionary of over 1100 pages The content is organized by subject area e.g the Earth, the human body, sports, etc The words are then organized into sub categories within each subject area For example, within Sports the content is divided into different types of sports baseball, soccer, etc This covers it all, even obscure words in each category It s nice to have photos of the word particularly for parts of machines and the like Even in English if this were yo [...]

    5. Ken L. on said:

      This is the best picture dictionary for Spanish I have ever seen I would absolutely give this product 10 starts if I could It very thorough, and covers a wide range of categories It does not just give you a picture with the name of the item in the picture It breaks every little piece of the picture down For example there are several pictures of different kinds of bicycles, but it is further broken down to show you the chain, pedals, derailleurs, crank, etc It has sections for anatomy of the body [...]

    6. Lb on said:

      Organized into categories and detailed illustrations Weighs at least 2 lbs, I d say May not be appropriate for younger children as illustrations include explicit details of unclothed human bodies I used this in a school setting with 4th graders, and once the word was out, kids knew what was in this book.

    7. HeatherDawn on said:

      Holy frijoles, batman This is about as in depth as you can get.It doesn t just give the word for fork, but point, tine, root, neck, back, and handle as wellI didn t know most of those words in English.Need to know what a snail dish is Page 303.Trying to talk about partridges, quail, ravens, and shrikes Those are all different kinds of birds Page 163.Need a tail comb vs a barber comb Page 476.If you ever find yourself on a nuclear submarine, just flip to page 899 and you ll be able to find your w [...]

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