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Bully Bait

Bully Bait By Michael Fry Bully Bait Nick is the shortest seventh grader in the history of the world he s pretty sure doesn t fit in with any groups or clubs who needs em and spends time inside than outside his locker they re roomier

  • Title: Bully Bait
  • Author: Michael Fry
  • ISBN: 9781423169246
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bully Bait By Michael Fry Nick is the shortest seventh grader in the history of the world he s pretty sure , doesn t fit in with any groups or clubs who needs em , and spends time inside than outside his locker they re roomier than you d think.Things only get worse when a well intentioned guidance counselor forces Nick to join the school s lamest club along with fellow misfits Molly andNick is the shortest seventh grader in the history of the world he s pretty sure , doesn t fit in with any groups or clubs who needs em , and spends time inside than outside his locker they re roomier than you d think.Things only get worse when a well intentioned guidance counselor forces Nick to join the school s lamest club along with fellow misfits Molly and Karl in her quest to cure all three of their peer allergies What starts off as a reluctant band of hopeless oddballs morphs into an effective and empowered team ready to face whatever middle school throws at them, including bullies, awkward romance, zany adults, and a brave new world of surprising friendships.Renowned cartoonist Michael Fry brings an unforgettable cast of characters to life in an illustrated novel brimming with honesty, humor, and heart.
    Bully Bait By Michael Fry

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    • Free Read Bully Bait - by Michael Fry
      319 Michael Fry
    Bully Bait

    One thought on “Bully Bait

    1. Betsy on said:

      Hilarious in a very middle school way, The Odd Squad is the latest comic illustrated novel a la Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries to hit shelves I must say, it s a heap site better than those other two in my opinion In fact, this is sort of Lunch Lady meets Wimpy Kid a motley and unlikely collection of 3 misfits learns how to beat the bully with some behind the scenes help from the school janitor there s to the janitor than meets the eye But it s than just a lesson in standing up for yourself Along th [...]

    2. Sue Ellen on said:

      I got this book through the giveaway It couldn t have come at a better time Both of my kids are having bully issues and this book taught them to stand up for themselves and also to learn a little bit about why the bully is a bully It wasn t boring, because it had them cracking up while reading it My son was able to identify with the main character who ended up being kind of a hero, yay He also especially loved the illustrations on each page This is definitely something I would have picked out an [...]

    3. Brian on said:

      This was a very cute, quick read, that deals with the topic of bullying Three outcasts in a public junior high are being bullied, so the principal puts them together in the form of a safety team The book has nice artwork, but is clearly a Diary of a Wimpy Kid knockoff.

    4. Audrey on said:

      Well, this is going to be my recommendation to the young lady obsessed with the Terrible Two series by Barnett It is funny but deals with serious topics divorce, abandonment, grief, bullying However, it doesn t beat you over the head with them It also has great illustrations.

    5. Ms. Yingling on said:

      Nick is tired of being shoved into his locker by Roy, who relentlessly bullies everyone at Emily Dickinson Middle School, but know that as the shortest 7th grader EVER, he is unlikely to break free of Roy s tyranny When the school psychologist decides that Nick would be safer if he had a peer group, Nick doesn t protest too much when he gets put on the Safety Patrol with the lone member of said patrol, Warren, as well as Molly, a tall girl whose shoelaces are frequently tied together With the he [...]

    6. Dianne on said:

      Three school misfits join forces and work to overcome bullying at their school Told in a quirky and fun way, complete with illustrations, Michael Fry has done a fantastic job of putting the lipstick on the bullying pig, and showing that its still what it is, an unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable curse of school life.Told from Nick s point of view, we are privy to his inner thoughts as he goes through each day, each event at an age when things really get tough for kids, middle school You will [...]

    7. Amy on said:

      This was genuinely funny with a solid message I would think that kids would just eat this up James Patterson has written books for Middle School trying for humor but Michael Fry has him beat by a mile Three loners at school are being bullied and suffering from peer allergies The counselor decides they would benefit by being in a group and assigns all of them to Safety Patrol The janitor, Mr Dupree, claims to be ex secret service and has agreed to tutor them in the finer skills of surveillance an [...]

    8. Sue Bellows on said:

      This book deals sensitively and humorously with the complex problem of bullying Like Roald Dahl, Michael Fry has written beautifully about the lovable oddball who is able to rise above a dastardly situation Here we have three protagonists, either too short or too tall or just too nerdy to fit in anywhere But together they make a Mean Machine for combatting the school Bully Weaving throughout the story is the school janitor, a delightful merging of genius and wackiness, who is able to help them i [...]

    9. Halley Ortiz on said:

      I enjoyed this book Yes, there are some common themes here, but as a middle school teacher, what impressed me is that Fry aptly illustrates that the line sometimes is a little blurry than just bully vs bully ee Just like in real life, not every good guy is always good and vice versa, and not every adult is a saint or an enemy The characters are real and human and nuanced in a way that previous incarnations have not been What also distinguishes this book from others is how well the adults are fo [...]

    10. Ben D. on said:

      Nick s,Molly s,and Karl s goal is to prove the whole middle school that they re not lame,odd or nothing.Molly is 12 years old and the tallest girl in the school.Nick is small and weak and gets bullied everyday An Karl is hopeless because he thinks too much The three met when Nick formed a club called the odd squad the book keeps the reader entertain by the odd squad s by the groups what they do, say,and plan and I would recommend this book to readers that like this type of humor and types of cha [...]

    11. Louise Bendall on said:

      A laugh out loud story of life in middle school and how awful it can seem at times Nicks is picked on because he s short, Molly is picked on because she s tall, and Karl is clueless At the suggestion of their guidance teacher okay, she makes it mandatory , the three of them form a Safety Patrol to keep kids safe from bullies It s an absurdly nuanced story of nerds winning, and bullies being the ones who need your pity Fantastic illustrations throughout add to the story

    12. Christina Dudley on said:

      My eleven year old son gave this book its rating According to him it s about a group of nerdy middle schoolers who take on the school bully Classic He liked all the pictures and laughed a lot while reading it and says he ll probably read it again Not sure he could give higher praise THE ODD SQUAD falls in that DIARY OF A WIMPY KID and THE DORK DIARIES genre text and lots of hand sketched pictures.

    13. Samantha on said:

      I thought that this was the best of the 2 books in the series.I read the 2nd one in the series before the 1st one,and I felt like I was missing out.i got this book from the public library near where I live9thanks to my mom and I wizzed through it.My mom was surprised that at the end of the day she asked me how are you liking that book and I said Oh it was great.I m done by the way so you can take it back to the libraryAnd that is that

    14. Leo on said:

      i liked this book it kept me awake when we had a seemingly long ride home from camping i love how the story has a twist that turns the whole story around, the hilarious drawings that that he puts on each page, its a pretty good book.

    15. Amber on said:

      I read this one out loud to my 10 year old boys they thought it was hilarious The illustrations were priceless.

    16. Quinn Thayer on said:

      I think the odd squad bully bait was a very interesting book to read Because it shows that this boy named Nick has been getting bullied for along time by this big bully Roy and what he doesn t see is that Roy has feelings too He thinks he s this mutant troll This book shows that just cause your tough on the inside doesn t mean that he doesn t have something that he loves Nick is always trying to find a way to make Roy stop bullying him After being shoved in a locker a lot of times the guidance c [...]

    17. Natalia on said:

      Note to self This book was included in middle school required list for 2017 2018 Children and I went over this book and decided we are not interested.

    18. Vexing Altruist on said:

      This was probably one of my favorite books ever I am not usually a fan of these types of books, but I was trying something new and this seemed like a good book I was mistaken when I said good It was a fantastic book and I would recommend it for younger people who do face these problems of being bullied anywhere, whether it s at school or outside of school It is about a boy named Nick, who is the SHORTEST 7th grade to ever be known or at least that s what he thinks who gets shoved into his locker [...]

    19. Dalton on said:

      I think that this book is very lively and by that I mean that there is always something happening or going on in this book like it could be funny or suspenseful with the stories that the janitor tells in the book This books genre would probably be fantasy only because of the supposedly spirit that haunts the school but helps out the Odd Squad from Roy Something that really pulled me in for this book is the fact that this kid kept getting bullied at school but then when he got home he would bully [...]

    20. Nick B on said:

      This book was in my category as a middle schooler It was funny and had some immature things in it.

    21. Bettina on said:

      HANDLUNG Paul ist der kleinste Sch ler seiner Schule, ja der ganzen Welt Aus diesem Grund ist es f r den Schulbully Roy ein Leichtes Paul jeden Tag aufs Neue in sein Schlie fach zu stopfen W re das nicht schon schlimm genug, verdonnert ihn die Schulpsychologin gemeinsam mit Molly, dem wahrscheinlich gr ten M dchen der Schule, dem unsichtbaren Karl beim Wachdienst zu helfen gegen solche Mobbingvorf lle und andere Schandtaten vorzugehen Dabei werden sie vom Hausmeister Mr Dupree unterst tzt das Ri [...]

    22. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      Cartoonist Michael Fry, who is best known for his comic strips, Committed and Over the Hedge, enters the world of middle grade fiction with the first book in his new Odd Squad series, entitled Bully Bait Nick, the shortest kid in his seventh grade class, has gotten pretty used to being thrown into lockers, but he doesn t like it, and he is definitely not interested in making himself a bigger target by joining a school club Unfortunately, Nick s guidance counselor thinks he needs a place to belon [...]

    23. Tami on said:

      Nick is the shortest middle schoolerever At least that s what he thinks The first time we meet him the first sentence of the book he is stuffed in his locker Again Simultaneously reflecting upon this fact and strategizing how he might get out, Nick is unwilling to consider revealing the name of the bully who repeatedly torments him Dr Daniels, the school counselor, teams him with Molly, an exceptionally TALL middle school girl and Karl, whom Nick terms a loser in every sense of the word Convince [...]

    24. Diane on said:

      A Shakespeare quoting janitor, a safety patrol of one, and the ghost of Emily Dickinson what do all of these have in common They re all a part of the mix at Emily Dickinson Middle School Also included in the halls of Dickinson are Nick I am short enough to fit in any locker Ramsey, the Molly Green Giant Molly Wibble and Karl Mooney, the lone member of the safety patrol, all constant bully targets Their most constant tormentor is Roy, though they would never tell any adult that After Nick s most [...]

    25. Cheshire Public Library on said:

      The Odd Squad Bully Bait by Michael Fry is a children s chapter book Nick is short, he thinks he must be the shortest seventh grader in history He does not really fit in with any of the groups at school, so spends most of his time bully dodging An enthusiastic guidance counsel teams Nick up with two other outcasts, and the team is mentored by the eccentric janitor The team of oddballs come together to a common goal, fighting a bully, and learn about themselves and the nature of bullies.The Odd S [...]

    26. Jenny / Wondrous Reads on said:

      The Odd Squad Bully Bait is a new book for children in the 8 age range and is in a similar vein to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and The World of Norm It s fully illustrated in a cartoon style by author Michael Fry which I m sure readers will love The visual aspect of this kind of children s fiction really adds an extra dimension to the story and makes it a much enjoyable read.Although this book appears to be light and fun on the surface, it does delve deeper into issues facing children these [...]

    27. Audrey Wilkerson on said:

      Rating 3.5The Low Down Nick might as well move into his school locker He practically lives there, considering the number of times that Roy has stuffed him in it Then the school counselor, Dr Daniels, decides that there s safety in numbers and makes Nick team up with the hugely tall Molly and the pudgy and guileless Karl They all get bullied because they suffer from peer allergies, the counselor says.Thinking his crush will like him if he can best the bully, Nick decides to try and take care of R [...]

    28. Sharon Tyler on said:

      The Odd Squad Bully Bait by Michael Fry is a children s chapter book that is scheduled for publication on February 12 2013 Nick is short, he thinks he must be the shortest seventh grader in history He does not really fit in with any of the groups at school, so spends most of his time bully dodging An enthusiastic guidance counsel teams Nick up with two other outcasts, and the team is mentored by the eccentric janitor The team of oddballs come together to a common goal, fighting a bully, and lear [...]

    29. Kevin Navarro on said:

      Have ever wanted a book that is funny and can cheer you up at the same time well this the book you need This book about this kid called Nicholas s life about he having a boring life and harsh life like him being bullied by Roy another character from this book The setting mostly takes place at school or at the end of the school The conflict is person vs person and person vs self because it talks about being different and not fitting in It also talks how he try s not to get bullied by Roy This boo [...]

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