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My Lucky Little Dragon

My Lucky Little Dragon By Joyce Wan My Lucky Little Dragon From the creator of the scrumptious You Are My Cupcake Joyce Wan s sparkly board book with bright colors bold illustrations and a mirror on the last page is a perfect read aloud for the little drag

  • Title: My Lucky Little Dragon
  • Author: Joyce Wan
  • ISBN: 9780545540469
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Board Book
  • My Lucky Little Dragon By Joyce Wan From the creator of the scrumptious You Are My Cupcake, Joyce Wan s sparkly board book with bright colors, bold illustrations, and a mirror on the last page is a perfect read aloud for the little dragon in your life A sweet, adorable introduction to the animals of the Chinese zodiac that s just right for Chinese New Year, birthday celebrations, or any lucky day
    My Lucky Little Dragon By Joyce Wan

    • [PDF] My Lucky Little Dragon | by ☆ Joyce Wan
      215 Joyce Wan
    My Lucky Little Dragon

    One thought on “My Lucky Little Dragon

    1. Margaret Chind on said:

      Oooh You have got to love the bright and engaging colors that fill the little hand held pages of this square board book This is a delightful little read aloud for the youngest member of your family, but it is great for even up to the preschooler mine loves it While I m not one to be excited over the Chinese New Year Jan 31st, 2014 I am delighted with these cute illustrations and images of delightful little animals to entertain and fill the imagination Thanks to for the ARC board book I received [...]

    2. Beyondthebookends on said:

      This adorable board book teaches little ones about the Chinese zodiac Clunky manga images and a mirror at the end add fun.More Dragon Books at beyondthebookends 201

    3. Solomon on said:

      Mommy liked this book, but baby had no interest and kept closing the book and pushing it aside.

    4. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      Each page of this book is bright and bold, showing animal names in stylized text and corresponding images outlined with thick borders against enticing patterned backgrounds The curved lines and soft colors are similar to the artistic style that might be used to decorate an infant s nursery, and the smiling faces of each animal make the book look cheerful and inviting to little eyes My daughter was instantly interested in the book when we saw it in a library on vacation, and we sought it out at o [...]

    5. Drew Graham on said:

      A little one is many things, and this book celebrates them all.After reading and loving Joyce Wan s We Belong Together, this book was a pleasant discovery I don t think it has quite the heart of the other, but it s still really fun and gives you the opportunity to make plenty of animal sounds and explore adjectives and facets of a baby s developing personality The artwork is colorful and interesting, and The Boy loves the mirror on the last page.As a side note, it wasn t immediately apparent to [...]

    6. Skyler on said:

      I received a free copy of this book through the GoodReads First Reads Giveaway Thank you Joyce Wan My Lucky Little Dragon features all of the animals of the zodiac from my lucky little dragon to my gentle little bunny This adorable read aloud book is a great way for babies and toddlers to learn their zodiac animals Not only does it carry a positive message Baby, I m lucky to have you , but the bright, bold colors will engage your little one They will get to that last page and see that, surprise [...]

    7. Sadie Tucker on said:

      A lovely board book that introduces the animals of the Chinese zodiac The text is simple and lovely My kind little mouse and is accompanied by equally simple and lovely illustrations The pictures are boldly lined with uncomplicated backgrounds, making them easy for a baby to perceive The animal names have fancy lettering which helps young children to make the letter word connection The book ends with loving text that will encourage cuddles and a mirror that will fascinate baby A great all around [...]

    8. Melissa on said:

      Reading picture books is so much fun now that Baby Benjamin is here and a captive audience This little board book is full of cute animal illustrations in bold, bright colors, and we agreed with nearly every page that Benji is indeed our lucky little dragon and our brave little lion, etcetc And indeed we are lucky to have him

    9. Caitlin on said:

      My 10 month old baby adored this board book, especially the mirror at the back I liked the illustrations and typography, and my 3 year old liked the simple text that he could help read.Simple and simply adorable.And I could very well be mistaken, but I believe all the animals are from the Chinese Zodiac, so it would be fun to add into a unit on China for young children.

    10. Jocelin on said:

      I love Joyce Wan s books She can make anything look precious The little dragon on the front absolutely adorable The book is so simple its brilliant The illustrations will get you lost in the book Utterly adorable

    11. b.Reading on said:

      Just adorable, from the sparkly cover, to the short and sweet sentences, to the illustrations of chubby and unique little animals My daughter adores this and now knows what an Ox is.

    12. Jennifer on said:

      Not only is it a cute book of pet names for your kid, it also features the Chinese zodiac, in proper order.

    13. Vita on said:

      These are the sweetest books I love the illustrations I hope the library gets all of them.

    14. Lin Lin on said:

      Fun book for very young readers The 12 animals presented in the book are the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle.

    15. Amy on said:

      This one is full of descriptors and, again, fun images of silly monkeys, brave tigers, and clever snakes The final page has a mirror and is definitely the page Adah is most eager to get to.

    16. Natasha on said:

      Very cute Words flow nicely pictures with the different fonts are adorable Love the Chinese zodiac theme This is one I would like to own.

    17. Q on said:

      Cute book My little one loved it Also great sightword reinforcement for my and little.

    18. Peacegal on said:

      These illustrations are so cute Although, the Zodiac rat becomes a mouse.

    19. Julia Meservy on said:

      Cutesy illustrations with pet names to go with them, so your child feels loved My son liked it, especially the mirror at the end.

    20. Meg on said:

      Pointless language but adorable, baby friendly illustrations Par for the course in terms of board books.

    21. Katie Casey on said:

      Sweet board book to read to little ones Ends with a mirror every baby s favorite part.

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